Creative Mannequin Display Ideas


Mannequins are a key part of any designer or clothing retailer's promotional strategy. They allow you to show your wares off in a way that helps customers visualise wearing them, and they can be regularly changed to keep up with changing promotions. However, there's more to mannequins than just displaying clothes. Here are a few ideas for taking your mannequin displays to the next level.

Experiment with backdrops

Whether your mannequins are on display on the shop floor or in a window, making changes to their environment can help make them more effective. Create a backdrop for your displays with freestanding banners or hanging panels. This can be as simple as a flat sheet of a complementary colour that makes the clothes pop, but it could also include something like an area of wallpaper or a photographic image of the outdoors. Creating a scene in this way helps customers imagine themselves in it — and in your clothes. 

Tell a story

For larger and more ambitious displays, set up mannequins in narrative scenes. This kind of storytelling often happens in holiday-themed displays, but it doesn't have to be limited to one time of the year. Use the outfits you're displaying to create characters for the mannequins and pose them in scenes appropriate to the season, the activity, or the mood you want to evoke with the clothes they're wearing. Whether your display is as simple as a beach scene to show off summer fashion or as intricate as a lavish party, mannequin scenes are fun, eye-catching, and engaging.

Think beyond clothes

Although they're intended for clothing display, mannequins can be a useful resource for clothing retailers in other ways as well. If you need to display temporary signage or other decorations but don't have the stands or displays you need, try using a mannequin. A mannequin swathed in tinsel and decorated with lights can make a great centrepiece for a Christmas display, while a mannequin can also hold a sign or calendar. Mannequins can even serve as outdoor signage; using a mannequin instead of a standard folding sign adds character to your display and helps convey the nature of your business. However, you'll need to make sure these tall, lightweight objects won't fall over in a high wind.

Selling fashion is all about imagination, both in terms of the creativity that goes into clothing design and the way in which customers imagine themselves in your clothes. Getting creative with mannequin displays can help show off and inspire that vital quality.


21 February 2020

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