Why You Should Use Car Wraps to Promote Your Business


In today's business world, everything you do to maintain a competitive edge over your competitors matters. The use of car wraps as a marketing tool for businesses isn't a new phenomenon. Many businesses have been dressing up their cars in these vinyl decals to build brand awareness, usually on the move. If you haven't jumped on the car wrap bandwagon yet, it's not too late to do so. Read on to learn the benefits of using car wraps to promote your business.

28 May 2020

Creative Mannequin Display Ideas


Mannequins are a key part of any designer or clothing retailer's promotional strategy. They allow you to show your wares off in a way that helps customers visualise wearing them, and they can be regularly changed to keep up with changing promotions. However, there's more to mannequins than just displaying clothes. Here are a few ideas for taking your mannequin displays to the next level. Experiment with backdrops Whether your mannequins are on display on the shop floor or in a window, making changes to their environment can help make them more effective.

21 February 2020