Mistakes to Avoid Making With Braille Signs


Adding braille signs to your business is a positive step towards inclusion. However, it's also easy to make mistakes. Before ordering your signs, it's important to learn about potential mistakes to avoid them.  Emergency Signage Think about where you're placing signs and whether they cover all the right areas. One location that may fall to the back of your mind is anywhere where there's an emergency sign. For example, fire exits or beside rooms members of the public can't enter.

28 November 2022

3 Ways to Enhance Your Sign's Visibility: Tips to Increase Exposure


As a business owner, you probably want to enhance your sign's visibility and increase exposure. Here are three tips that will help increase your sign's visibility and ultimately help promote your business. Use Contrasting Colors That Stand Out Against the Background If your sign is placed against a busy or dark background, it can be difficult for people to see. The human eye is naturally drawn to contrast. This is why using contrasting colours for your sign can be so effective.

12 July 2022

Two Tips to Follow If You Need to Have Signs Made and Put On Display at a Party Venue


If you'll be having some signs made and put on display at a venue where you're hosting a party, here are some tips you should try to follow. Be open to the sign supplier's suggestions about the placement of the signs The sign supplier may, after seeing some photos of the venue, advise you on where to hang the signs. When you're talking to them about this, you should try to be open to the idea of putting some of the party signs in areas of the venue where you had not originally intended to, if they suggest you do this.

10 February 2022