Business Sign Design Tips


If you own a shop or business with a presence on the high street, you must have a great business sign to attract the attention of potential customers.  Here are some useful tips to bear in mind when designing a sign for your business:


When designing your sign, remember that potential customers of all ages, sexes and backgrounds will view it.  Some people will see your sign from ground level as they walk past, while others will view it from a moving car or bus.  Some will look at the sign during the day time; others will see it at night.

If you cram the space with too much text, it will be almost impossible to read from a moving vehicle or from a distance.  Populate the sign with the most important information; the business name, telephone number and web address, for example.  Choose a strong memorable logo and that's all you need.

The sign outside your business will be the first thing that people read, and many will form an immediate impression of what to expect inside your shop or office.  Make sure there is a really memorable focal point on the sign that captures the viewer's attention and includes clear branding; i.e. your business name and logo. 


The sign you place outside your business is so much more than just a billboard to 'label' your shop!  The majority of high street sales are impulse buys; shoppers' attention is caught by your sign, they check out your window display, come inside and make a purchase.

If you invest in a good quality, professionally-made shop sign, the subsequent sales you reap will more than cover the cost.  A good sign-writing company will be happy to provide you with a quote and many also provide a design service if you need it.


Colours are very important when it comes to customer psychology.  In fact, many people come to associate particular companies with certain colours; Coke = red, and Macca's = yellow, for example. Contrasting colours undoubtedly work best.  If you go for a blue background, don't use green text as it won't be easy to read.  Black text on a yellow background on the other hand makes for a fantastic contrast that passers-by won't miss.

When it comes to using graphics, the maxim 'less is more' certainly rings true.  If you fill your sign with graphics, logos and multi-coloured lines of text, it will be far too busy and virtually impossible to read by someone passing by in a moving vehicle.

In conclusion

When it comes to designing a really great business sign that will draw customers to your business, it's always worth asking the advice of a good sign-writing company.  A modest investment in their experience will be repaid many times over by footfall through your door and subsequent sales. For more help, contact professionals at a company like Landells Signs to learn more.


27 May 2015

Using Signs to Educate and Inform Children

Hello, my name is Nicole, and I spent the happiest years of my life as a preschool teacher. In that role, I learned how to inspire children, how to present them with consistency and how to catch their attention. In addition to all of the tactile and motor-related activities we did in my preschool, I also used a lot of signs and posters. Though trial, error and extra research, I learned what works when it comes to signs. In this blog, I plan to write about years' worth of firsthand experiences and behind-the-scenes research. My hope is that my experience helps you to design and find signs of your classroom, regardless of the age of children with which you are working. Please explore and enjoy my blog on signs and education!