The Key Advantages of Digital Signage


Are you a business owner who has not yet embraced the power of digital signage as a way to attract potential clients? Read on and discover some of the key benefits of using digital signage to advertise your products or services.

Eye-Catching Content

Digital signage enables you to use moving images or videos to attract the attention of your target market. Such media is more attractive than a static image, so you will be able to make your brand memorable to all who view that content. This brand awareness may result in more sales.

It Is Easy to Modify

It takes an instant to update or change the content on a digital display. On the other hand, it takes a long time to order new posters once the season for which the previous ones were made has passed. However, all it takes to change the content on a digital display is a few taps on a computer keyboard. The modification of digital signage content is also more cost effective than changing posters. This is because costs like transporting materials and printing are avoided.

You Can Control the Signage Remotely

The internet has made it possible to have access to a wide array of devices from distant locations. This capability can be used to your business's advantage. For instance, you can beam live video streams of a promotion event so that your customers follow the proceedings as they buy your products at all your stores.

A High Return on Investment

The initial cost of setting up digital signage may be high, but that cost is spread out over the lifespan of the equipment and software. The annual cost of using the digital signage remains relatively low, unlike the cost of procuring new posters to reflect the seasonal changes and the variation in the products or services that you offer clients.

Automated Changes

Digital signage also reduces the chance of human error when displaying content. For instance, a tired employee can forget to change from the breakfast menu to the lunch menu. Such an oversight can be avoided by automating the information displayed so that your staff is free to focus on other core aspects of the business.

Contact a signwriting company for advice on how to design the most appropriate signs for your business. Those professionals will also support you in terms of training on how to get maximum value from those signs.


7 January 2016

Using Signs to Educate and Inform Children

Hello, my name is Nicole, and I spent the happiest years of my life as a preschool teacher. In that role, I learned how to inspire children, how to present them with consistency and how to catch their attention. In addition to all of the tactile and motor-related activities we did in my preschool, I also used a lot of signs and posters. Though trial, error and extra research, I learned what works when it comes to signs. In this blog, I plan to write about years' worth of firsthand experiences and behind-the-scenes research. My hope is that my experience helps you to design and find signs of your classroom, regardless of the age of children with which you are working. Please explore and enjoy my blog on signs and education!