Issues to Consider Before Setting Up Digital Signage


The success of your digital signage, such as LED signs, may depend on how well you think through the entire signage project. This article discusses some issues that you need to think about before you set up the digital signage of your restaurant business.

The Vision of the Project

Some business owners rush to put up LED signs just because they have seen a competitor do the same. Such a rushed decision can result in frustration and wasted resources. You need to spend some time to decide what your objective in setting up the signage is. For instance, you may wish that your brand identity were improved. In such a case, the content that you produce for the signage may focus on showing footage of local events that your business is associated with. However, if your intention is to see an immediate increase in sales then the content will be dominated by content about your day's menu and specials. Clarifying your objectives will help you to design methods that will be used to evaluate how effective the LED signs have been.

Content Production

Viewers of your LED signs can quickly stop noticing the signage if they realise that the same content is displayed every day. It is very important for you to retain the attention of the target audience so that those viewers eventually feel attracted to dine at your restaurant. Think about how content will be generated. Do you have technically savvy staff to produce the content that you will need in order to update what you display frequently? How will that content be made relevant to the community where your restaurant is located? An example of localisation of content is displaying the weather forecast of the area while an advert for the day's special runs at the bottom of the screen. People may be interested in the local content because they find it helpful. However, those people will also learn about your products as they receive the content that primarily attracted their attention. Eventually, you may have more people visiting your restaurant.

System Integration

You also need to think about how your LED signage campaign can be integrated into other aspects of your business. For instance, can the software running the displays be connected to the sales data so that you offer specials for products with low sales? Can the digital signage be used to train staff when the restaurant is closed for the day? Such integration will enable you to get more value from the LED signs instead of just using them as an advanced PowerPoint system.

You may not go wrong if you think about the issues above after consulting an LED signage professional. That expert will open your mind to LED signage possibilities that you may not have known existed.


13 July 2016

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