LED Signs: Comparing Text Displays Vs Image Displays


LED signs are a great signage option for your business, especially due to their illuminated nature, which makes them visible 24/7. There are numerous types of LED signs in the market today. The most common are the text displays, also known as scrolling signs. Then there are image LED signs which mimic a PowerPoint display by showcasing pre-programmed images as opposed to texts. In this article, see how the two compare.


A sign is only useful it if can maintain great visibility. Being LED signs, both text and image displays meet the required threshold. But they also compare differently in terms of visibility. Image screens are catchy because they fill the entire LED screen and feature more colours and graphics. On the other hand, text screens less visibility though they can be optimised where text letters fill the entire frame.

Content capacity

When it comes to content capacity, the two types of LED signs are on opposite ends of the spectrum. As alluded to above, text displays are simple and often hold just a few words. Scrolling signs can hold more information but only a few words will be visible at any given time. However, this simplicity is what makes them effective. Image LED displays can hold lots more information. They can display several lines of words. They can also display images and graphics such as logos.

Brand awareness

A sign can do more than just provide information. Outdoor signs especially are also tasked with selling the brand. In regards to brand awareness, therefore, image LED signs are very successful. They help to portray the true reflection of the business. This is why they are mostly used in outdoor welcoming boards. Text displays, on the other hand, are not as good at branding. They mostly delve out simple information such as prices, specials, warnings, etc.


As you can imagine, image LED signs cost more than text LED displays. This is due to the technology used in image LED displays, not to mention the full panel lighting that these units feature. Image LED display signs also cost more to repair and service. In turn, text LED screens are quite cheap to buy and maintain, largely due to their simple design and build.

Often, both text and image LEDs signs are used to complement each other. The image screen sells the business brand, while the text board provides bits of important information such as offers, directions, locations, time, etc.


6 December 2016

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