The Advantages of PVC Foam Signs Over Any Other Material


PVC foam signs are very popular and common; many outdoor yard signs, such as those advertising a house for sale, are made of PVC foam, as are many business signs. If you own a business and need some new signage, note why PVC foam might also be the best choice for you.

Lightweight and portable

PVC foam is very lightweight, so signs made of this material can be completely portable. This is good if you want to move around an outdoor sign, such as when the sun shifts or when there are changes to traffic patterns in the road. This is also good for signs that you might want to store away and then bring back out regularly; for instance, if your restaurant has a Wednesday special, you can have a sign made and place it outside you restaurant every Wednesday morning, then easily put the sign back in storage that night.


The lighter weight of PVC foam signs also makes them very adhesive-friendly. You can add adhesive to one side of the sign and stick it on a wall or window, and then take the sign down and adhere it to a stake to create a yard sign. Being adhesive-friendly also makes PVC foam signs good for mobile displays set up offsite, as you can easily attach the sign to a tent, table, or other such item.


PVC foam is naturally weatherproof; the colours of the sign won't run or fade in rain or snow or when exposed to lots of direct sunlight. The material also won't hold mould, and it won't rot, rust, or corrode, even if you keep the sign outside during wintertime.

PVC is also very difficult to break, scratch, or cut, so a PVC foam sign can easily resist damage. The material also provides a solid surface for lettering, so the design of your logo or other parts of the sign won't appear uneven or otherwise be compromised by damage to the sign, a porous surface and the like.


PVC foam signs don't need carving on their surface like wood signs or the use of gases like neon signs, so it's very inexpensive to make signs with this material. You can then choose a wide variety of signs for your business, or know that you won't overspend on your marketing budget if you need separate signs for different sales, different locations and a variety of other applications.


15 August 2017

Using Signs to Educate and Inform Children

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