The Incomparable Pros Of Installing Monument Building Signs


While building signs play a massive role in creating brand awareness, not all signs that are readily available will do your business justice. Thus, you need to discern what signs will provide your business with more traction rather than simply investing in the cheapest signage available. One type of building sign that has a proven track record of being attention-catching is the monument variety. These signs are highly customisable to suit your individual messaging. Moreover, you can have your sign as big as you want and have it made from any material you prefer. If you are looking for building signs that are not merely for displaying the name of your business, consider the following incomparable pros of installing monument signs.

Monument building signs are visually appealing

The first reason why you should invest in a monument building sign is that it will automatically add visual interest to your property! Most types of signage tend to be two-dimensional, which means they do not add any visual interest to the location they are installed in. Monument signs, on the other hand, are three-dimensional. Therefore, you get the rare chance to merge the graphic design of your signage with architectural elements. For example, if you already have unique structures on the landscape of your premises, you could design the monument sign with these features in mind.

Monument building signs are highly adaptable

As aforementioned, monument signs are more functional than simply advertising the name of your business. These signs are adaptable enough to embody your business. Your monument sign can function as a landmark in your location, which in turn makes you business associated as the leading company in that area. In addition to this, if your business is located several metres away from the road, the monument sing can be the wayfinding marker that leads potential customers to the premises. Overall, the more unique and eye-catching your monument sign is, the more it will play multifunctional roles.

Monument building signs are lasting

Although relevant signage is an important part of running a successful business, the signs tend to be temporary. For instance, if you chose to hang a banner sign on your premises to promote your products, you will eventually have to bring it down due to damage from the changing weather — not to mention the fading that will be caused by ultraviolet exposure. A monument sign, on the other hand, is designed for longevity. These signs are highly resilient, so they will not succumb to precipitation, UV exposure and so on. This longevity can help in instilling trust in your brand since the monument sign will be regarded as a hallmark of the community.


11 September 2019

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