Assessing the advantages of LED signs


Adding new signage to your business means choosing which type of sign best meets your needs. One type that has become increasingly common in recent years is the digital LED sign. These versatile signs offer a number of advantages compared to more traditional signs. 


Unlike either traditional or neon signs, LED displays allow you to update the content of the display frequently, either by a USB connection to your PC or via a wireless network. This means that you can update your sign to announce products, keep track of changing business hours or display personal messages. Instead of creating new signs every time you need to communicate new information to your customers, you can save money and effort by simply updating your existing LED signs. 


Older lighted signs, such as neon signs, offered excellent visibility at night or indoors but were much less visible in sunlight. By contrast, LED signs are easy to set for optimal visibility in a range of different conditions. Of course, how visible and easy to read your LED sign is depends on the design of the image, so be sure to test any new display before making it public. 


Because you can update and adjust the content of your digital sign, you have the opportunity to experiment with the design and content of your displays. Depending on the type of LED sign you choose, you can even add video to your displays to complement the usual text and images. With complete control over the appearance of your signs, you'll be able to brand them with the unique identity of your business. 


LED signs can require a higher initial outlay than some other types of sign. However, they offer significant savings over the long term. Because an LED sign is adaptable to the changing needs of your business, it can replace a number of temporary signs, reducing waste and saving you the cost of printing. If properly maintained, LED signs are longer-lasting than other illuminated signs, saving the cost of replacements. Similarly, most LED signs outperform older illuminated signs in energy efficiency, leading both to savings on your energy bill and a reduction in your environmental impact. 

If you're looking to upgrade your signage, LED signs present the ideal combination of versatility, affordability and ease of use. These customisable displays can help you keep your signage relevant and up-to-date throughout their lifespan, taking your business promotion to new levels. 


17 October 2019

Using Signs to Educate and Inform Children

Hello, my name is Nicole, and I spent the happiest years of my life as a preschool teacher. In that role, I learned how to inspire children, how to present them with consistency and how to catch their attention. In addition to all of the tactile and motor-related activities we did in my preschool, I also used a lot of signs and posters. Though trial, error and extra research, I learned what works when it comes to signs. In this blog, I plan to write about years' worth of firsthand experiences and behind-the-scenes research. My hope is that my experience helps you to design and find signs of your classroom, regardless of the age of children with which you are working. Please explore and enjoy my blog on signs and education!