Two Tips to Follow If You Need to Have Signs Made and Put On Display at a Party Venue


If you'll be having some signs made and put on display at a venue where you're hosting a party, here are some tips you should try to follow.

Be open to the sign supplier's suggestions about the placement of the signs

The sign supplier may, after seeing some photos of the venue, advise you on where to hang the signs. When you're talking to them about this, you should try to be open to the idea of putting some of the party signs in areas of the venue where you had not originally intended to, if they suggest you do this.

For example, if you had been planning to hang a bunting sign that will have lettering (such as 'happy anniversary') spelt out across its flags outdoors in a very exposed area, and it's forecasted to be windy on the day of the party, you might be advised by your sign supplier to put this bunting on display in a more sheltered area so that the flags don't swing too much in the wind and make the bunting's message unreadable.

Similarly, if you had intended to hang a large metal or wooden sign from a ceiling inside the venue and this ceiling is relatively low, you may be instructed by the sign supplier to display it against a wall instead as, if it were put on a ceiling, the tall guests' heads might collide with it as they walk through this room. By keeping an open mind about where the signs will be located, instead of insisting that the supplier puts them in the original spots, you can ensure that the guests can easily read them, that none of them are hazardous and that their wonderful designs are fully showcased.

Find out how long it will take the sign supplier to display each sign

You should also ask the supplier how long it will take to put each of the signs on display at the venue. Knowing this might be important if, for example, you have a set amount of time to decorate the venue on the day of your party and will need to ensure you have enough time, after the signs have been displayed, to attach balloons or other decorations to them, or to set up the bar cart, buffet or rental photo booth that will be placed directly in front of the signs.

If, for example, the sign supplier says that they'll need a total of one hour to put up all the signage, you might then decide to have them come to the venue three hours before the event starts so that you'll have two hours to complete the decorations and the setting up of the aforementioned party features after they're finished.


10 February 2022

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